In the stillness of a deer stand, awed by Gods creation, is where I oftentimes find myself growing closer to Christ. It’s great to pray anytime, but there is just something to be said about being 25 feet up in an oak tree, watching the sun rise or set while talking with God the creator. In the Bible, Jesus clearly models going into the wilderness to pray and grow closer to God our Father. As his disciples did back then, we too must follow Jesus’ lead on this today. 

Through our hunting and outdoor adventures we strive to model this biblical principle. Our goal with SOC is to not only share Christ with todays youth, but mentor them. We do this in hopes of building a stronger generation of men, husbands and fathers who are rooted in a true relationship with Jesus Christ. The Sights On Christ team mentors young men by taking the time to teach youth: outdoor skills, modeling healthy relationships (with both peers and mentors), and sharing the gospel of Christ. The study of Gods word, prayer, and the opportunity for the young men to have honest conversations about the Lord, as well as, the highs and lows of living for Christ in a fallen world is the goal. Discipling and mentoring young men during a critical period of growth and development is the vision, and Sights On Christ is the answer. 

The task before the men of Sights On Christ is weighty, both in size and importance. It cannot happen without those who God leads to partner with us, whether this be through prayer, mentorship, and/or resources. Thank you for your interest and prayerful consideration of helping this team fulfill the Great Commission!

Matt Rager

SOC Founder